Peter Downie's Webservices

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I have upgraded to a new virtual machine. As such most of the functions need setting up and I hope to also upgradethem to my new better system. If you use these please email and I will try and keep them available for you. Otherwise I may make changes that break your programs.

Fixed Webservices

Our Solar System: PlanetsPlanets holds data about our solar system
Chess Printer ChessPrinter takes an array with two sub arrays. The first subarray is white and the second is black. It now also works with FEN!
64 bit number to/from DecimalThis allows conversion from base to 64 base and back.
Ipsum Lorem GeneratorDoes not generate latin but a bunch of other filler text.
Number to Word FormatTakes a number and converts it to the word format.
Large Bit NumbersLarge Bit Numbers allows you to set numbers larger than are available with scalars. Uses php gmp which is now on my server!

Webservices needing servicing

Card Game KitCard Game Kit allowing for reducing complexity of card games!
Chess Piece LogicChess Piece Logic calculates all of the possible movesfor pieces, it has quite long parameter lists and may be confusing to use, in the future I may make a video about it.
User ControlUser Control is a login system
Forum ControlForum Control is a forum system designed for use with userControl.
List ControlList Control is a system for organizing lists.
Chess Game ControllerHolds game data
Chess Game Chat ControlAllows chess game users to chat in game.
Chess Annotation ControlAllows people to comment about your game
Chess Rating SystemsUsed for calculating Chess Game Ratings.
Chess Rating StorageStore the new ratings.
Chess Rated Game RequestsUsed to store people who want to play rated games
Chess ViewerUsed to show chess data.
Form CreatorUsed for simplifying form creation, specifically for the chess project.