Peter Downies LargeBitNumbers

Soap Functions




: http://soap.peterdownie.com/webServices/LargeBitNumbers/petersWebServiceClassGenerator.php

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Software Version

: 2.41k

Greater Code Name(GCN)

: Atomic

Lesser Code Name(LCN)

: Neutron

Service Version

: 1.01 RC
* Large bit numbers allowing the returning of numbers as a string
* It allows you to store data in a database or program very compactly.


( )


( #0 bits , #1 numbers )
   Takes an array of bits and a number(the number is not required if it is the first set). The bitsare set and values start 0 = 0, 1 = 1, 10 = 2..., If a value has already been set than nothing happens


( #0 number , #1 bits )
   Detects to see if a bit is detected, it takes arguments in a different order than multiple set Bit Smart. If the bit is there than it will return the bit number as 1, if not it willreturn the value as 0. Do not use strict comparison as it may be 1 or 0 or true or false


( #0 number1 , #1 number2 )
   BitAnd takes two Numbers, in PHP you should use gmp numbers and finds and returns any ofwhich are both true, if you are trying to combine a number you should use bitOr!


( #0 number1 , #1 number2 )
   BitOr takes two numbers(should use gmp in PHP but you might not have to) and combines them,if one on either or both are true than true.


( #0 number , #1 bits )
   Multiple Bit Remove allows you to unset multiple bits at once. Takes the gmp number and thanan array of bits that you would like unset, if the bit is not set already than it does nothing withoutwarning