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: http://soap.peterdownie.com/webServices/userControl/petersWebServiceClassGenerator.php

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Software Version

: 2.41k

Greater Code Name(GCN)

: Atomic

Lesser Code Name(LCN)

: Neutron

Service Version

: 1.02
userControl takes control of usernames to reduce complexity in chessToast
However it may be used with other programs in the future. You create a user and then you can
access these users and recieve a primary key. This allows you to connect to remote databases
Technical Specifications Need Updating.


( )
This used to connect to the database. I think it is much better to have a function do this.


( #0 host , #1 user , #2 password , #3 database , #4 options )
Needs to be called for this web service to work.
Optional $options can contain lowercase port, socket, projectIdentification and prePend


( #0 username , #1 email , #2 unSaltedPassword , #3 passwordHint )
Create new user allows you to create a user for the database and project combo
   Returns a string with possible values listed below. Dark Red Items return extraInfo about the error
When output is in the dark red of RANDOM_KEY_GENERATION_ERROR or SALT_GENERATION_ERROR than it returns an addition extraInfo of
Possible extraInfo data


( #0 username , #1 unSaltedPassword )
Valid Login makes sure that a user with that password is in the database/project combination.
   Always returns output, depending on output may return other items as well.
Possible ['output'] valuesWhen ['output'] is VALID_LOGIN


( #0 request , #1 username )
Replaces a bunch of functions to make the webservice easier to learn
Request Values password_hint, exists, validated
password_hint: Retrieves the password hint for a given user. Returns string of the password hint
exists: Checks to see if the given username is already in the database, returns a string
validated: returns a string which has 3 possible values.
   Request: password_hint Possible output valuesRequest: existsalways returns an ['output'] may return other depending on the value of the ['output']
string returnRequest: password_hint Returns


( #0 changeType , #1 username , #2 unsaltedPassword , #3 newDataArray )
Allows changing of a users data!
changeType(s): email, password
   email newDataArray must have a key of email and a value of a valid email This function allows you to change your email address, you will need your username and unsalted Password.
password newDataArray must have a key of password, password_hint Change Password allows you to change the password of a user, it requires that you know the old password It is also important to know that to change the password, it must be unsalted
changeEmailAddress always returns a string
Possible string outputsPassword: Always returns a string.
Possible string outptus


( #0 input_array )
Create a recovery password, keys of username, or email
   Two merged functions need documenting


( #0 username , #1 verificationCode )
Verify makes sure that the user has the email address they stated.
   Verify username always returns a string
Possible string values


( #0 username , #1 tempCode , #2 newUnsaltedPassword )
Recovery using a temp code is a way of recovering a password when you have the email
address associated with the temp Code.
   recoverUsingTempCode always returns a string
Possible String outputs


( #0 data_requested , #1 user_ID )
possible data requests are username, email, lastSignInData and signUpData

Created by Peter Downie of peterdownie.com